Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eksklusif 2 awnings

2 awnings tudung that I managed to sew over the weekend. Hope the owner loves her new tudung! In real lapisan atas tu cam 2 tones..ader mix of oren n black..

Ur ref : EN 187071310 MY

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Projek tudung scallop

Ambik masa nak wat collage sbb pic merata2 folder...tak cukup time, nak menjahit lagi !!! So ini koleksi scallop that I managed styling before they were sent to the rightful owner. Nak nangis sbb i jaet with kasih sayang, xtra perhatian setiap jaetan lagii..silap2 benang mesin pun have to reduce tension..

InsyaAllah i may have enuf jerseys for made-to-order. Sapa cepat dia dapat..nak rehat sepanjang pose ni nanti (planning) or at least till sume jersey abess in hand. Pls email me 4 availability :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

2awning tdg

Jom tengok pic tdg baru..tis is plain tapi 2 awning last weekend project. First time customer, i like dealing biz with her. Hope the outcome tdg will perfectly match her req. Both tudung from jersey..with improvised awning. Tdg lite brown is scallop...black is tdg Elida.

Ref.no : EN187071442MY

Friday, June 5, 2009

Preview tudung printed lagii

Salam n hiii everyone ..Preview Sh** from S.A with her 3 tdgs printed...so as i alwis stressed my customer on9 pls sms Eda once received..tdk I'll not take any responsible kalau tdg2 tak dapat.

I love tis kind of fabric..kena pegang sendiri then u ols know..very soft, nipis tapi tak jarang...der cam silky sikit.


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