Monday, August 31, 2009

Edisi Ramadan - Part 11

Ada a few balance tudung available.. Load gambar kat sini dulu sebelum dirembat customer offline..a few just nak finishing jer. Next Monday, insyaAllah ready to deliver.

PH132 tudung combi pink wif ijau.
Size M

AO134 tudung oren..SOLD.
1 Available

2PC138 Tudung Elida
Awning : Thai Silk 2 awning
Size : M

2PC139 Tudung Scallop
Awning : Thai Silk 2 awning
Size : Standard

Pink ala Dz

Pink blink2
Style : Elida
Labuh : 40cm
Awning : TS Lite Pink
Sz muka : M
Harga : RM50 (SOLD)

Tudung Ez fren (preview)

The 3 tudungs featured here are made-2-order by Ez frens..waiting to be shipped out to the new owner, insyaAllah by next Wednesday. Acteli still WIP just nak jaetkan finishing . So pls submit ur balance of payment before I can proceed with the shipping , tq..

Body : Jersey lycra plain & lycra printed
Awning : 2 awning + Japanese cotton + same material body.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready made [disember updated]

Kali ini ada a few readily available tudungs both plain and printed ready made..Pls email for availability.

PF 126
Paten : Elida (M)
Fabrik : Korea Printed
Awning : Thai Silk
Labuh : 40cm
Harga : RM55
Status : SOLD

PF 127
Paten : Elida (L)
Fabrik : Printed Jersey China
Awning : Thai Silk
Labuh : 46cm
Harga : RM55; (normal price is rm60)
Status : SOLD

PB 128
Paten : Elida (L)
Fabrik : Lycra printed
Awning : 2 awning + Thai Silk
Labuh : 50cm
Harga : RM 60 (normal price is RM78)
Status : SOLD

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pink paisley brocade

Tdg my SIL, kaler 2 tone cotton jersey...outside kaler is orange; inner is reddish orange. Nak match with baju kurung raya...Na, kalau rajin tu iron on bling2 kat awning tau, nampak glem sikitt..

Body : Lite pink jersey J2
Awning : 2 awning + Lite pink paisley brocade
Style : T-Scallop (size L)

Pic. above is 2 tdg sca by Cik Ez. Pink brocade yg eda jaet tu sama cam Nabila Huda pakai tdg time nikah..sponsor DeZahra. Of cos look glem bila fix dgn blink2...

Sori for the delay ea Ezie, sbb my plan tu nak siapkan within 1 week, tapi tak termampu nak catch up.. apapun i feel so blessed to have ur patience, tq n am really appreciate it.

~ Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak ~

Salam all...either customers n loyal peeps outhere :-p

Thx kerana sudi singgah di blog yang tdk seberapa nie...

I'd like to take this opportunity to thx all those who have been kind enuf to sms me well-wishes for the Ramadhan. Have a wonderful Ramadhan to all of you & semoga diberkati Allah selalu...

p/s : Tis week ada sikit jer new stock yang akan di upload, since ada MTO kena settle dulu..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tudung Ezie (preview)

Ezie..jom layan mata tgk ur 2 tudung in the makinggg...due will be on 11th kan??? kalau ada xtra time jaet nanti Eda siapkan before due. Hope dapat owner approval...thx

Body : Jersey J2
Awning : 2 awning
Style : T-Scallop (size L)


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