Monday, March 30, 2009

Tudung customer

Preview tudung tis dok online depan mesin jahit plak. All tis tudung masih dlm proses finishings... yg bertanda 'X' dah der tuan punyer..Labuh tudung tis time almost 2inches from standard tudung tu.. leh pusing2 cam kipas. All tis body tudung from lycra jersey strecthable.

MC2 awning from span compact style ala misi2 sepital..Sume tudung nie RM40 + poslaju..

BK1 & CF3 SOLD to Shakila ;-) BK19, CF26, BB28

MC2 Sold to Nui (offline) 2MB20

X : Ros hitam ~ BR29

Gold bro ~ BG30

2 awnings belang itam ~ 2BS31

--->> edamzy[at]yahoo[dot]com <<---

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