Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stok baru

Soo at last dapat gak mencari2 printed jerseys untuk tudung.. a few dah berjaya curik2 time gunting. . but then put aside sbb nak meet due date with my ols lovely customer ..This week sumer tudung kain body printed larr.. Banyak design baru sekarang nie..esp. sales kat Jln.TAR..kena pejam mataa..Among ready stock for this week.. Stock very the very limited; available 2 tudungs for each design.. First come first serve basis yer ;-)

PT01 : Red itam Sold out ; PT01/38 MiE ; PT01/39 Nanii
Awning full, Body Lycra printed from Mikawah.
Size M ; Labuh : 44cm
Harga RM55.00 (before shipping)

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