Friday, July 17, 2009

Corporate look anyone??

Bagi Eda head covering aka tudung is not an excuse not to be fashionable. Useful tips I have : Groom responsibly. Wearing a blue, or black or dark coloured allows u 2 look and feel professional even if u haven't landed urself the perfect corporate job. C urself cam eksekutif jer..matching with ur plain bju kurung or jubah.. Tis combi will make u look dressed-up. Then unlimited ea..u can wear tis tdg with any casual clothes u have...


Dear all, if you wish to order a ready-made tudung frm this awning, pls submit format form, a deposit of Rm20 is required. Awning is from denim. Pics shown Tudung Elida. You also have a choice of ordering it in other styles too, pls email for rates. Tudungs will only be ready 2-3 weeks after submission of payment.

Size muka : M
Labuh : -+42cm
Awning : Half, Stripe denim blue, lite blue, black, whitey
Body : Dark blue lycra

DC110 : Pls email 4 any tdg size..i have 1 piece awning left.

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