Thursday, December 17, 2009

New items on SALE !!!

Salam hand ada lagi a few colors ie, khaki (kaler cam teh susu mamak), lite olive style TElida, malam sikit baru snap tak sempat. Look absolute gorgeous if embellished with some or not so heavy korean stones..nanti jadi semangat pokok krismas plakkk..

Style : T-Elida
Lycra oren + jersey awning
Size muka : M
Labuh : M
Harga : RM65
Status : SOLD

BE02 (cotton jc dual tones)
Style : T-Elida
Lite oren + same jc awning
Size muka : M
Labuh : -+40cm
Harga : RM65 SOLD

Style : T-Elida
Goldenrod (gold + brown) + Thai Silk awning
Size muka : M
Labuh : M
Harga : RM60
* no blink2 kat awning...

We @ EC were impressed by the overwhelming response and take this opportunity to thank all valuable customers and frens who supported us in our efforts!

Must grab offer sempena Maal Hijrah 1431. Tis 2 tdgs are ready to ship out to ur front door ;-)

T& C :
- First come first serve basis.
- FULL payment upon confirmation order is required.
- You are entitled for 10% discount for 2nd purchase any tudung under the Available label ONLY.
- Pls email for availability. tx ladies..

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