Thursday, April 26, 2012

Runaway barbies

As salam ....Last week little runaway project for my dotters..many of us have fabric scraps that we don't know what to do with!!! I decided to use them, instead of throwing away the trash (* itupun dah byk dah letgo)..use your sewing supplies ie scissors, a needle threaded, elastic thread and some self-stick velcro and tadaaa..... at least a few of shirts, dresses, skirts, pants for my dotters American dolls Ms BARBIE!!!! 

The first shirt I used some fabric from an old t-shirt..other scraps from knitted jersey.

Dress ni very short ... atas lutut parasnye. The kids bought @ TESCO..yg ketaranyer outfits outhere sume jenis short. So dah jaet extra long about 4-5cm purple knitted jersey, a bit turn out awesome don't you think. Ada lagi sikit kerajinan, jaet lagi manik2 rice kale senada seirama..hehe :)
Love the short jacket in orange. I have it both hand sew and sewing machine since the pieces are too small plus rasa susah nak control gajah gedabak plak mesin akak tuu....


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